1.01: This is a public restroom.

10-24-15_11-03 AM-2

Chae Young took a deep breath. At last, she arrived at her new home. She had a lot of things to do, from repacking and placing her stuffs to finding jobs. Ah, how about a warm bath first? That would be nice. She wondered about her new home, was it big or small? The price was okay—maybe it was medium-sized.

Or so she thought.




It was such a big land yet so empty.

“What the…”

10-24-15_11-11 AM

No way!”

It was a very, very small house—and very simple. The house looked… decent, from the outside. It had blue walls, roofs, a cobblestone path, and, oh, a restroom door. “Is this a joke?” she asked to herself in disbelief. “Maybe this is not my house. This is a public restroom.” Sure, that blue building looked more like a public restroom rather than a house.

Chae Young turned her head, searching for a house around. But she didn’t find anything except for a minimalist house located in the northwest from her position. However, from the look of it, that house didn’t look like her destination.

Desperate, she looked for her new home address in her phone. A sigh escaped from her lips as the address matched with this house—restroom, whatever—and Chae Young had to accept the bitter truth.

“Okay,” she took another deep breath, bracing herself. “This is your home, Chae Young. Let’s go in.”

10-24-15_11-12 AM

When she entered her new home, again, Chae Young was surprised. Next to the front door, she found a simple tosca-colored fridge and a closet. A tiny frown furrowed on her brows.

10-24-15_11-12 AM-2

Across the front door, there was a bed. It was not a mattress like what she had expected—man, it was a cot, used for camping. Chae Young didn’t know whether she could survive. However, after all things she had done to buy this house, which costed her nearly ten thousand! She didn’t know exactly what made this place was so pricey.

She looked through the inventory and found a knight statue. There was a price tag dangling on the sword. Chae Young took off the tag and her eyes widened. “8,200 simoleons…” her words broke off.

Chae Young then lied down on the cot, sighing.

“Well, shit.”

Jacinta: The first chapter! Sorry for the lack of photos. The “well, shit” dialogue is inspired from Varric of Dragon Age series.


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