The Founder: Chae Young Park

10-24-15_2-43 PM-5
Chae Young Park, the founder of Park legacy.

Name: Chae Young Park (in western order; instead of using hyphen, “Chae-young Park”, I write it like Ki Hong Lee)

Title: Founder

Gender: Female

Aspiration: Family (Successful Lineage)

Traits: Squeamish, Genius, Outgoing

Chae Young is an intelligent and sociable woman. I want to be that kind of woman too! However, she is very squeamish and avoids everything dirty. She dreams of a successful family—like me, who dreams of a successful legacy.

In case if you don’t familiar with her name origin, she’s (supposed to be) Korean. I don’t know if she looks like one, but at least she looks like an Asian from my perspective. I like Korea (especially Korean dramas), so I was inspired to start a Korean legacy.

For the succession laws, mine is equality, traditional, merit, and tolerant.

In addition to that, all children will use Korean names just like the founder. As many Koreans have their given names made of generational name syllable, the children will also do the same.


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