1.02: The First Morning

Chae Young didn’t know whether the sun had risen or not.

Of course. There were no windows in her new home.

After she got up, Chae Young searched for her phone. Her eyes widened when she realized that it was eleven in the morning. She should have turned on her alarm. Sighing, Chae Young jumped out from her bed—no, her cot—and did a little stretching. And then she heard a rumbling sound, coming from her stomach. Right, she was hungry. Last night, she went straight into bed, tired from her long journey. So she went to open the fridge, disappointed that she could only find chips and cereal boxes.

“Oh, really,” she grumbled. However, it was actually her fault that there was no food in the fridge—she forgot to stock the fridge—yet she hoped that the real estate company who offered her this place gave her complimentary food or something.

She finally decided to take the cereal box. It’s better than nothing at all.

Chae Young sat on the cot, pouring the cereal to a bowl. Somehow, she felt her back aching. It was definitely the result from her bad sleep last night. Ah, why her new life had to start like this? A hardly decent place to live, sleeping cot and cereals? She really regretted having accepted the offer from that stupid real estate company at that time.

10-24-15_11-13 AM-2

She took a spoonful of cereal to her mouth, while thinking about her activities for that morning. Although she had a bad start, Chae Young didn’t want to give up. She made up her decision, leaving her family to live alone here. She didn’t want to disappoint her parents.

Chae Young got up to change after she finished her breakfast. She decided to jog, hoping that it would clear her mind.

10-24-15_11-15 AM

Jogging through the dirt path, Chae Young was amazed by the view. It was breathtaking indeed—the surrounding nature with lush and verdant trees, colorful flowers, and also the pond in front of her house. She didn’t realize how beautiful Willow Creek was. Her house might be small and simple, but the nature surrounding it was amazing. She breathed in the fresh morning air and felt refreshed after that.

10-24-15_11-16 AM

She stopped right in front of her house after jogging for fifteen minutes. Her body felt sticky and smelly. Sadly, her new home didn’t have any shower or sink, which meant she had to find another way to wash herself. Chae Young pondered for awhile, thinking about the right solution. As if a bulb appeared above her head, she knew what to do.

10-24-15_11-19 AM

Public bathroom, what else? There should have been one in the gym, so Chae Young quickly drifted off to the Movers and Shakers gym. It was quite crowded in the first floor, people exercising either with the treadmills or the punching bags. She went up to the second floor and found the bathroom empty. She smiled in relief. At last, she could say goodbye to her sweaty and smelly body!

10-24-15_11-22 AM-4

The shower was really good but Chae Young could’t spend time too long there. No matter how good and relaxing it was, the public bathroom was used by the others as well. She got out with all fresh appearance and went down to meet new people. She was in the right time and the right place to socialize with the other sims.

Chae Young met three people: a woman named Nancy Landgraab and her husband Geoffrey, also another woman with short red hair named Eliza Pancakes. They were quite nice, although somewhat funny, especially Geoffrey and Eliza. They both did push ups when they were conversing to each other. She didn’t spend too long in the gym and went home after ten or fifteen minutes talking with her new acquaintances.

10-24-15_11-30 AM

In front of her house, she met another person, a man named Jace Brooker. They had a lot of common interests, thus they became friends quickly. Chae Young asked him to hang out with her in her house since they were not far from there. In the end, they went to cloudgaze together. It was very fun and they talked about a lot of things.

10-24-15_11-31 AM

Shortly after Jace’s departure, Chae Young decided to plant a lily that she previously found from her jogging activity. Maybe it would help her to earn money in the future, she hoped so.

10-24-15_11-35 AM

Jacinta: Wahh it’s finally done!


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